Bloom Where You Are Planted…and maybe someone new…..

IMG_8247Picture of the cover of my next journal.

So many things to do in this nesting and blooming business.

Bought a tv, something to set it on, and something to match that.  I just got my cable hooked up yesterday,  and we’re still getting the bugs out. (so to speak).

IMG_8277Yup, NCIS, Gibbs and Abby.  It’s mainly what I watch.

I have a sofa ordered from Amazon.  Got swatches first, and everything.  It will be delivered, and brought right inside.  Just like up town.

I ordered an 8 cube bookcase from Target.  That arrived and I put it together.  Not hard really but a bit awkward with one person doing it.

Now when I go to Mary’s house I come back with a box or 2 of my books that have been stored in her garage.

Before all that I made the Shiloh Shrine.

Here’s part of it:


IMG_8279Thats sweet grass between those two pictures.

I’ve been plant shopping with my friend Gail, who knows all about plants.  So far I have a Trumpet Vine, Pink Jasmine, and some Lavender.  Also Nasturtiums, mint, and some parsley.

I’m making plans to enlarge my yard, which I’m allowed to do here, as long as I pay for it.    The fence needs improvements in other areas, but management here will do that, and also provide me with a new shed, since the one here is rusting away.

There was no grass when I moved in so management seeded the front yard.  I water it twice a day.  I’ll have to do the back yard myself, but they supply the seed and mulch.  There is a lot of yard waste to rake and shovel, and fill up my ‘yard waste’ trash bin, and a neighbors, too.

I celebrated my birthday with Jason and Mandy (son and d.i.l.).  That was very nice.


This is what 69 and about 103 look like.

I’ve had some back aches, shoulder aches, and knee pain, but generally I feel like I’m holding together quite remarkably.  (except for emotionally).  And don’t forget 2 dog walks a day….many on the beach.






But then, still, in the evenings I’m missing my boy, sitting with my IPad at night, with tears falling, looking at Petfinder and the like, but I can’t get Shiloh back and nothing feels right…..until….I think maybe something is (right).

For now, I’ll just say there is a possibility that we might have a new family member sometime in August.  I’m trying to stay calm about it because there are so many ways it could fall through.  I’ll tell you more as time goes by and as I know more.

E48FDE64-32C1-40D7-B43A-67C8037DEFCASunsets are nice here too.


Making A Nest

Making a nest is hard work, if it’s a little sparrow, or….if it’s me.

IMG_8088An empty room….an empty slate.

IMG_8151My friend Anne brought me flowers the first day we moved in.

I enjoyed my minimalist living for almost 4 years in Wandering Spirit, and now as I lug boxes and bags and bins from Mary’s garage to my new place, it still seems like I have too much stuff.

On the other hand, I’m finding a kind of tranquility being surrounded by my own things again.  They are a comfort.  I like it a lot.

IMG_8098The first night I slept on my blow up bed.

Four years ago, before I left on my adventures, I down sized a LOT.  Yard sales, giveaways, etc left me with just enough to fill a 5×5 storage locker, and later, about the same space in Mary’s garage.  A lot of that is family photos, and mementos.

If my sons had room, I’d have them take all that stuff.  Or maybe they wouldn’t want it anyway….?

IMG_8093Joy says ‘what’s happening NOW mommy?’

There is a lot to do, and there is no rush.  I can take my time deciding what to put where, and what I need to buy.  Like furniture.


The guest bathroom was quick and easy to do.  I’m going with a beachy theme pretty much throughout the house. (please ignore the wall paper….I’m renting….can’t help it.)


See that drill there on the ladder?  I’m a big girl now and I can use a drill!  I put up the curtain rods!

We have time to go to Mary’s house and take care of the cat and water the flowers.

And we have time for the beach…..

IMG_8142Very important….the beach.

IMG_8033 2I think of my boy constantly, and  so much, when we walk the beach.  Oh how I miss him.

IMG_8079Joy checks out the kelp that washed up on shore.

You may notice she is always on a leash.  The dogs used to be able to run free here, but I can’t let her anymore because when she goes in the water with the waves, her back legs are so weak she can’t always get out, and in I go….and then she can hardly walk, because her legs are even weaker.


See how different it looks when the fog blows off?  The colors here are untouched.


So we are very busy, but it’s a GOOD thing.  There are a few problems….shall I say….in the neighborhood.  I’m hoping they will be resolved soon.

I bought a tv and should have internet and cable hooked up soon, and it will be easier to post to this blog, and I should be able to do so more often.

Finding My Way Home

What makes a place “home”?

6DDE5201-75CE-462B-B43D-C8F6CD253E81I had  beautiful gardens when I lived here before.  I’ll share some of the pictures of my flowers in this post.  Now I get to start over from scratch.

We are a mobile culture.  We move across the country for a job, or school, or love.  We change locations for better schools, a nicer house, because the kids are grown, or it’s time to wander! .  We ‘move’ for many reasons, (or no reason.j


The home place can change over the years.  Maybe it’s near family or friends or a place of employment, or just where we’ve  always lived.  Chances are Home is a mixture of all these things.

For me it’s not so much about 4 walls as it is about location, and the nature that surrounds me.  I was at home in Wandering Spirit, (WS), my Casita Travel Trailer for almost 4 years, no matter where I was, as long as Joy and Shiloh were there.  Well, sort of.  Except in the back of my mind, I guess the California central coast kept whispering to me.


Since I first came here about 21 years ago (what???  21 years???) It has just felt right. Well except I do have that Wandering Spirit, and it led me to many places where I’ve toyed with the idea…and even gotten very serious and moved far away….but I keep hearing the whisper, and I come back.


And when I do come back, and I see that view of the Monterey Bay from Highway 1, be it crystal blue or fogged in ( both beautiful in my eyes), or when I see the wild and rocky coast of Big Sur…..


Oh my gosh, this place resonates with my being, and I am SO home!

It’s comforting, uplifting, and just feels ‘right’  here (good vibes) , every time I come back.

Yes I do have that restless, Wandering Spirit, but I also seem to have a strong homing beacon.  This is home for me, and for Joy…..and for my Spirit Boy, Shiloh


It’s not an inexpensive place to live however, even though where I’m moving isn’t fancy.  My funds are limited, but for now, it works….and all I really have is NOW.


Actually tomorrow begins the move.  I’m as excited about moving back to my old neighborhood as I was about leaving it four years ago!

I only wish Shiloh were here in the flesh, to share this homecoming.  If love could make it so, he would be accompanying us.  As it is, he will have a literal shrine in our new home.  When it’s all set up, I’ll show you pictures.  Of course. 💔


Sooooo……here we go, on our new adventure!

An Introduction All Over Again

After about 4 years of full-time traveling in our Casita Travel Trailer, I’ve decided to settle for awhile, in the very same place I was so excited to leave, when I retired from being an RN.  That would be the mid coast of California, a stones throw from the Monterey Bay.



This is the picture you might be used to seeing if you were reading the previous blog called  (see link below)

There were three of us….


This is Joy….the most joyful person I know.  She is approaching 15 years young.

Shiloh in Lupine

This is my sweet Shiloh, now with us in Spirit.  He passed away May 18, nearing age 12.

My heart is on the ground.  I miss him every minute.  Tears come easily and frequently.  Joy misses him too.  They spent 95% of their time in each others sight for the past 11+ years.


And this is me.  I’m Micky.  Hi.  If you feel like writing an introduction in the comment section, that would be really nice.  Or if you’ve been reading along, maybe we pretty much know each other already.

If you would like to see what came before this, please see the original blog at:

Joy and I should actually be moving to our new home this coming week.  For now I’ll go back and write on the old blog, so if you’ve been reading that, you will know what I’m planning here.

Be back soon!  I hope you will be back also!